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Bentilia healthy pasta in collaboration with Charles Mattocks and his film “The Diabetic You” Documentary

Bentilia healthy pasta in collaboration with Charles Mattocks and his film “The Diabetic You” Documentary

A pivotal look at one man’s joinery with diabetes that became his passion to save others. Featuring Charles Mattocks (World Diabetes Advocate/ Bob Marley’s Nephew) “The Diabetic You” Documentary Coming in Early 2018

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5 February, 2018 – In 2011, Celebrity Chef and best-selling author Charles Mattocks was shocked when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. In fact, he was terrified. When Charles realized how little he knew about this disease that claims the lives of millions yearly, he set about to educate himself and take his health into his own hands. What he learned alarmed him even more than his personal diagnosis. The numbers were staggering; the need for education and inspiration was great. Fearing the threat to his own life, he embarked on a mission to share his story with the world. This venture would find him on the front-line of a war, to not only save his life but the lives of so many others.

Inspired by his late uncle and reggae legend Bob Marley, Charles always felt that one day he would find himself involved in a mission and a calling to help others. He never thought the inspiration would come from a personal condition that could take his own life. The Numbers Are Staggering “The Diabetic You” highlights many stories of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. In a world where obesity is increasing at alarmingly high rates and processed foods have become the norm, diabetes is skyrocketing, and there seems to be no stopping it. With almost 400 million people worldwide living with the disease, Charles states “I didn’t intend to create a film on diabetes, but had no choice. This is what is needed. If we don’t do something now, when will this slow down? The numbers will continue to grow, and lives will continue to be lost. This is about the ones we love and helping them to stay alive.”  

In sharing his journey, the film takes Charles across the world. From the amazing land of India to the poorest of neighborhoods in the Caribbean island of Jamaica. It explores the cause and effect of diabetes and how it has impacted the lives of sufferers and their families as they struggle to cope with this dreadful disease.

Not only will his journey take Charles to the rural villages in India where he brings well-needed supplies. He will also travel around the US telling the stories of those who have lost hope and are desperately seeking support from anyone to help ‘save’ them from this terrible condition. The film will look into the pharmacy industry and explore the healthcare system. It will examine wound care, dialysis and eye treatment. This film is an eye-opener into the sad outcomes and failures of a system that needs ‘fixing’. During his journey, Charles teamed up with some outstanding partners and sponsors. Ochsner Health System in New Orleans, Fuji Bikes and NSI Stem cell in Tampa Florida being among them. Charles was able to sit with some of the top doctors and leading healthcare experts at Ochsner and also received a full health checkup. This great opportunity led to life some changing news for Charles.  

About Charles Mattocks

Charles Mattocks is the nephew of reggae legend Bob Marley and former Celebrity Chef who became a World Diabetes Advocate after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2009. He has written numerous books, created films and travelled around the world as an inspirational advocate for people living with diabetes; including in a Shire sponsored Diabetic You RV Tour in 2013.  Charles is seen regularly on such shows as CNN, Dr Oz, The Today Show and many more. Also, a published author with the American Diabetes Association, Charles’ work has achieved numerous accolades. Charles is also the Executive Producer, host and creator of the first ever diabetes reality TV show, “ReverseD”, which aired in the summer of 2017 on Discovery networks. It is currently airing on Cox Communication.

About Bentilia

In his journey, Charles met Alnoor Sheriff Owner of Bentilia, who has come to a realization that every single one of us is somehow affected by Non-communicable disease “NCD” (Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Obesity, Alzheimer.) We all have a friend or family member that is affected by one of the significant NCD; thus his mission is to raise awareness and provide alternative solutions such wholesome plant base with no added ingredients and easy to cook. Bentilia is located in stores and online. With plans to enter the market globally, Charles and Bentilia plan to help educate those with diabetes and other chronic conditions.

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